Let It Be

Just let the man breathe
Let him see, let him be
You’re the string, he’s the bow
Let him grow, let him think

Just let the child write
Give her sight, let her sing
Let her dream, she’s a song
No one’s right, no one’s wrong

Just let the woman gleam
Let her glow, and she’ll know
She’s the queen, you the knight
As she’d write, in her dreams

Just let the king fight
As you wrote, so he rode,
On his steed, you had ink
In his heart, you were home

So just let the world turn
Fire burn, water freeze
Unconcerned was the stern,
‘fore you stirred up the seas


In my memory, it’s there, it’s the sand within my hair
It’s the wind within the sails, the cliff at which I stared
At first, I wasn’t home, for I left that place to roam
I left you once, my love, for reasons only known by poem

Not yet knowing of your worth, I left that place to learn
I left the walls and domes, as the tomes let oil burn
I toiled in concern, for in other things I yearned
But for what I thought was great, I strayed, never to return

But I began to miss the scrolls, to miss how Aramaic rolls
Greek influence weakened, with Egyptians growing old
I’d fell for Greece’s springs, felt the wind of Egypt’s wings,
but love had pierced me more than the sand of desert sting

For I knew my line of sires, and I knew from whom I sprang
But the parents who begot me were not from the place I came
I was descendant line of Abram, in Ishmael’s domain
I stood out, but truly knew the people’s love was all the same

Except for her, my toil, my blood boiled when it dawned,
that for her I did yearn more than for the words of the Quran
Knowing it may be too late, fate set me on the sea,
and from Cairo I set sail, to finally hold my wife to be

Sands of Time

My bath was drawn with water from a fire and a spring
The harp that played beside me filled the water with its string
The bubbling surface broke when I arose to issue leave,
to the harpist and the melody she’d effortlessly sing

I stood and grasped a towel, desert wind entered my lungs
The nighttime breath of cold had only barely just begun
Gardens round the palace had their day under the sun,
and the camels all exhaled after their journey with someone

Gold slid up my arms, a purple sash adorned my waist
The tower sounded trumpets and the guards opened the gates
Festivities begun when the moon replaced the sun,
the chefs prepared the meal, and the halls began to drum

The wind that night was magic, as with every night before
The candlelight not static, as the sandstone in the floor
Silk adorned the dress of every princess, well adored,
and the apples found their way into the mouth of every boar

The room below my own was the first to play a chord,
the courtyard of the kingdom, where the servants greet the lords
Kings, and guards alike, retired all their Saracen swords,
and camels took to eat, where some water they were poured

On any night but this, in my palace of a home,
I’d sit upon the roof, see the sky, and dream of Rome
I’d look at out the desert, touched by breath of God, alone
Conversing with a servant, all of which I’d always known

But rewind the sands of time, two allotments of a week,
invited, by my father, were the kings of which I speak
For engagement of his eldest, an occasion with a feast,
and right outside my door was the roaring Middle East

My fingers entered rings, and a diamond found my ear,
My shirt beset my shoulders, as the crowds began to cheer
Something trifle I should mention, or it be taken as a crime,
is that I am my father’s eldest, now resume the sands of time

Arabian Nights

It was the clearest of all those Arabian nights
She chose a tall wall and we scaled its heights
The dirt below us known by a day of life,
and the door posts shown by their dimming lights

The stars we used to look at were twice as bright,
than any seen now on the darkest nights
We sat on our wall with our sight on it all,
backs to the palace and the sky in our eyes

I laughed harder that night than I thought I could
And I told more to that girl than I thought I would
From below, the echoes of strings filled our ears,
and our fears took a plunge from the place we stood

The counter part to my heart, and my equal in zeal,
as our outer-world notions were equally real
We’d read of the scrolls that have since been concealed
that my sire had authored, words by Yahweh revealed

Enochian blood gave lift to Ishmael’s heel,
the first day that Yahweh saw it ideal,
to kindle a friendship that’s still in the heart,
of with whom it started, in whom it is sealed

She’d hear of my knowledge, both inside and out
Only she knew the secrets that came from my mouth
Two thousand B.C., yet I said the same things
Only, then, with a friend who’d also seen wings

She used to sing me to sleep, so immensely deep
In exchange, what I wrote, she’d always have me read
Our place atop the wall was ever so tall,
but it was worth it every time for the things we’d see

I’d known her for years, but haven’t seen her in ages
I’ve scoured the crowds, and thousands of pages
Before falling asleep, sometimes I’ll read and I’ll sing
Too long ago I never woke from her melody

The girl I remember, she could see like I see
She saw Him in awe and she sought mystery
And sometimes still, in clear Arabian skies,
I’ll see there’s still more to this story


It has been a few years, but I remember it well,
the night the sky wept on her scattered helm
The day had been kind, then a storm came nigh,
and the crew that I knew had been thrown from sight

The waters were dark, wind set me adrift
The revenge for parting her waters was swift
In light of the lightening, I lowered my eyes,
and beheld that a plank was lodged in my side

Sure that I’d die, and with few fleeting breaths,
I prayed, not afraid of my Heavenly rest
My blood in the dark would lure the sharks,
A remarkable end, but a sailor’s death

In the wake of exhaustion, I retired from sight,
not a moment had passed, when I was woken by light
What seemed like a moment had lasted three days,
My eyes finally opened, all I saw was her face

Her hand on my side where the plank had been,
and with bandages laid over most my skin,
she sat by my side with a look in her eyes,
like it’d taken too long for my life to begin

In the days that followed, celebrations went on,
Nights before, on the shore, I was almost gone
And with she who found me, a romance begun
My marks became scars, and the days became months

We ate and we sang and my dance was critiqued,
I worked with the men and I learned how to speak
I was taught by the old, and the young I would teach,
now I write from the place I was found, on the beach

And with that sweet girl who nursed me alive,
with blessing bestowed, I made her my wife
A man I’ve become, and with two little ones,
I now have a family, and I now have a life

So thanks for the offer, I choose not to return
The navy won’t need me, it’s a younger man’s turn
I’ve said my goodbyes to the helm, and the stern
The sea’s still in my reach, but that boat has burned


I was woken from my sleep by a light which trembled me,
one that I recalled but that my eyes weren’t used to seeing
I was shaken at my core by one nostalgic phrase of words,
a phrase my spirit missed but which my ears had never heard

“Don’t be afraid, but with your pen write everything I say
The Lord of Spirits speaks unto the people of this age
If he has ears, he shall hear the words spoken to the sage
Hearken to His voice and put your pen against the page

“Do you think Me caged, or am I limited by time?
Can I fit into the space behind the recess of your mind?
Am I the words inside a book, and in a book am I confined?
Or are the words inside the Bible just the signature I signed?

I am more than meets thine eyes, and I’m not limited by day
The Word holds not My only words, I’ve got much more to say
The authors of the Bible heard My Holy Spirit’s voice,
but their recordings aren’t worth more than a God who doesn’t change

My love is unconditional, yet your conditions arise daily
Not even demons keep you from Me, so why should you delay Me?
My love will not be broken from above or down below,
but you believe redemption lies in some words you may not know?

My son, hear my words, I’m not defined by an impression
the universe is only that, one uni-verse of my expression
I am bigger than your notions, I have more words than fit a book
And I reside inside your spirit, and it’s inside where you must look”


It had been many years since I walked beside gold
When the king, who had dreams, had not withered of old
I remember his fear when the angel appeared,
in the midst of three children who, in fire, stood cold

As my eyes did lie on the skies to behold,
a longed for presence, once again, took hold
One that was home, and one that I loved,
sent from above, to my place on the wold

In a moment, the music of the palace had ceased,
all dancing and laughing; and the country knew peace
He said, as before, with great power in me,
“Once again, I’ll reprove a king’s wicked disease”

Within minutes, Babylon’s finest came nigh,
and without much resistance, I left my hillside
Once again to the palace, my way was made clear
I’d been summoned to come in the palace and hear

And as if in a dream from the night of last,
I remembered the murals of the walls I passed
I recalled all the halls and the idol dolls,
And as before, like his father, saw the king alas

He was pale, the resemblance of his fallen sire
Every soul had bound his lips as the king required
By now, God spoke through me that the king would fall,
The very night that he beheld the writings on the wall